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Cowboy's Touch was originally started in Cortez, Colorado in 1982. The recipes were family recipes that the whole family loved. With encouragement from the family the decision was made to produce and market the PepperJams and Salsas to the public. In the fall of 2020, Cowboy's Touch took on a new partner of Bob, Suzy and Kyle Erickson.

The Erickson’s have a cattle ranch in California and are partnered on an alfalfa ranch in Wyoming. The Erickson’s have a long family tradition of being in agriculture, from livestock to farming to trucking. Bob has always liked to cook and his shadow exemplifies this fact. Being creative in the kitchen has always been a passion, but not always a success. Suzy runs the day to day cattle operation, where her passion for quality genetics and production has grown the cow herd close to 800 cows. Kyle spends a lot time assisting Bob and Suzy on the ranch, enjoys team roping, showing livestock, and participating on a traveling paintball team. Bob and Suzy felt that Cowboy's Touch would be a great opportunity for Kyle to learn about different facets of a small business and use this business to advance his college education. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and hope you enjoy our products.

Thank You,
Bob, Suzy and Kyle

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