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Most Cowboys have a story to tell.  Their favorite horse, their best dog, that cow that got away or the bull with a bad attitude.  And the stories go on.  These stories almost always involve a degree of skill based on a lifetime of experiences, a little Cowboy's Touch.  The stories were relived around campfires, chuck wagons, dances , bars or anywhere a gathering was taking place.

Cowboy's Touch hopes our products bring you closer to these stories. Our salsas will take you to the campfire where that old cowboy told stories of his wild bronc ride.  Our pepperjams reflect the sweet life of a cowboy, while capturing the spicy lifestyle he leads!!!!  He is the survivor of our western lifestyle.  Cowboy's Touch believes that this western lifestyle is what we are today and what we will be in the future.  Our products reflect the stories we have been told and our way of life.  We promote beef because that is our way of life.  We use livestock to create habitat for Migratory Waterfowl in the Central San Juaquin valley of California.  We have grown up in the central part of California and have worked for numerous cow outfits prior to owning our own ranch.  We have been a horseback before daylight and endured the long days of shipping, sorting, processing and branding.  We were surrounded by quality cattleman and cowboys that had a true appreciation of cattle, land, water and a good days work.  These friends and neighbors are what we are today.  They all had a Cowboy's Touch.

Cowboy's Touch pepperjams and salsas hopes that you will find the quality of our products is similar to the quality of Cowboys and Cattleman that have made us who we are. 

God Bless,
Bob & Suzy Erickson/ Barbara Williams

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